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Writing in the Sunshine. Writing in the Shadows.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Out of the dark

Christmas is on the way, but before that there is another date that makes me very happy - the Winter Solstice - otherwise known as the shortest day. This year it is 21st December and, like a kid for Christmas, I can hardly wait!

More sun, please.
Considering that I like to write romance with a dark edge, I hate the dark in real life - dark mornings, especially, when it's particularly difficult to get out of bed.

For the solstice itself - like a lot of authors, the phases of the year interest me. Summer and Winter Solstices and the Vernal and Autumn Equinoxes when light and dark are equal. I have a couple of ideas fermenting that involve these times of the year, all of which seem to have a degree of mystery about them.

It will be a while before those books see the light of day - I'm having too much fun researching festivals and myths and creating my own to go in them. At present I'm in the middle of the editing curve for a novella - which is something different from me, as it is not at all dark. I can't tell you the name yet, because it doesn't have one. I certainly haven't abandoned romantic suspense and have started work on something suitably scary which will be next year's WIP. It's an idea that has been following me around for a while, but it doesn't have any myths or significant dates in it. If real life will stop getting in the way, I might make some progress with it.

And it will be better when the days are longer and I don't have the temptation to hide under the covers in the morning!


  1. You and me both - I loathe these dark days. Sending you all best wishes both creatively and with 'stuff'. Cx

    1. Thanks Chris. Same to you. The 'stuff' keeps on growing, but I'm hopeful that I might squeeze out some writing time!!!!

  2. I remember living in Denmark and going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. It was a good thing the Danes were very sociable - lots of long winter parties! Your research sounds interesting and I'm sure it'll be another good book. Angela Britnell

    1. Hi Angela It's a good thing I don't live in Scandinavia - I'd have to hibernate! :)