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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My kind of heroine.

A heroine can be a delicate flower. Or not.
As a convalescent I've been reading a lot. A LOT. When I'm not sleeping, that is. All sorts of stuff - TBR pile, recent award winners, old favourites, a few classics off the bookshelf. And quite a lot of new romantic suspense, because that's what I like to read and write, and if you can't indulge yourself when you're getting over an operation, when can you?

I've enjoyed most of it, but I have noticed a tendency in some parts of the genre for what is known as the kick-ass heroine. You know - runs, jumps, shoots, fights - all that stuff. And I have to say she is not usually my cup of tea. I was never the sporty sort, and I simply don't relate to it. I like my heroines capable - they have a career that they are good at, are able to organise their lives, are not shrinking violets. But not superwomen. The sort of woman who can deal with a tricky situation when it come along, but is not expecting to meet it every day. And they appreciate a little help from the hero, rather than trying to get him in a headlock. (Not that sort of headlock!)

At the other end of the spectrum, there is the TSTL 'heroine'. The Too Stupid To Live. I don't like those, either, and am likely to be found yelling, 'Get a grip, woman!' when I come across one. These can vary from the kind who goes into the dark cellar without putting on the light when the serial killer is wandering the neighbourhood with his sharpened axe, to the just plain wet, who don't know how to change a light bulb.

I think you are supposed to identify with the heroine, or at least want her for a friend. My heroines can be misguided, bossy, argumentative, occasionally give way to tears, but all things in moderation. But that's me. It takes all sorts. A heroine for every hero. Exactly as it should be.


  1. Totally agree with you! I'm totally unathletic and maybe that's why I shy away from writing heroines who are totally on the opposite end of the spectrum. Angela Britnell

    1. Actually my current heroine, when I remember what I've done with the manuscript, never mind what the story was about, does stuff like camping and climbing trees. I don't know where she came from, but she's as 'sporty' as it gets.

  2. I definitely don't like soppy heroines, but too 'kick ass' puts me off too! I hope you're recovering well - Tom was absolutely knocked by aneasthetic for months after he had to have two ops in rapid succession so I think it's pretty normal not to feel up to much. Reading is a very good tonic though - I've just had a readathon and hope that one day it will lead to a writeathon!

    1. Hi Chris Hope you enjoyed your holiday and it has inspired something :0) I have been thinking about looking for the WIP, which I take for a good sign.
      Just looking!