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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

One lovely blog?

I've been nominated for this by fellow Welsh author Jan Baynham
whose blog about her writing journey can be found here

Apparently I have to tell you stuff about myself and then suggest some other blogs. Not unlike the thing I did for Facebook a few weeks ago,

I'm not sure how many more secrets I have to reveal  - as you know, I love secrets and I think I need to keep a few to myself.

But there are a couple of things I can say.

I currently have five jasmine plants in pots in my garden - the stuff seems to grow like weeds, but smells heavenly in the summer.

The first public reading from any of my books was in this place - impressive, huh?

My favourite writing spot is the corner of the dining room, overlooking the garden - back to the jasmine again!
I have a bit of a thing for Cardiff Castle and am attempting to work it into a Xmas novella. Next Xmas, not this one :) It may turn out to be a novella written in real time. On the other hand it may not turn out at all :)

Talking about novellas - I'm about to start the edits for one. It's a bit different from what I usually write - much lighter. I had fun writing it. It will be out as an e-book in the new year.

Some suggestions of other blogs? Fellow Choclit authors Jane Lovering and Chris Stovell blog regularly - and of course there's Choclit's own blog, where you can find posts written by all the Choclit authors.
Jane - From Behind the Keyboard
Chris - Home Thoughts Weekly
ChocLit Corner

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  1. Thank you for responding to the blog nomination, Evonne, and a big thank you. too, for the link to my blog. Like you, I love the smell of Jasmine on summer evenings and have one covering an arch leading from the patio.