Wednesday 4 January 2012

Resolutions - hers, his, mine.

It's that time of year again - new start, new ideas, fresh beginnings - New Year Resolutions. 

I'm not usually much of a New Year resolver - if it needs fixing I get down to it straight away - at least that's what I tell myself. But then, I'm a novelist - so, as Margaret James always says - I tell lies for a living. 

This year I do have two 'sort of' resolutions:
  1. to make sense of Twitter and Facebook - not got far yet, but it's early days. 
  2. to have as much fun as I can as a published author. You only get to make a debut once - so I really want to enjoy it.
Never Coming Home will be out in March, so I don't have long now to wait. If you'd like a taste of the Prologue and opening chapters, you can find them now on the Choc-Lit site.

I'm not the only one who might be making New Year resolutions. I know what Kaz's would be - to guard her independence and prove to the world, and especially to herself, that she can stand on her own feet, and that she doesn't need a man to take care of her. And what about Devlin? His would probably be to get on with the new life he's made for himself and not look back to a past he wants to forget.

But Kaz needs help, to find out what happened to her daughter ...
And something very nasty indeed is about to come out of Devlin's past ...

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