Wednesday 5 December 2012

A literary lunch

Writers always claim that we don't get out much.  Awwww!

Engrossed in conversation

Chris, Kath, Sandra, me, Jean

Lorraine, Chris, Kath

So when we do, it is something of an occasion. The Cardiff and Carmarthen chapters of the RNA met in Cardiff on 4th December for a not quite Christmas lunch - Sandra (aka Toni Sands), Chris Stovell, Lorraine Hossington, Kath Eastman, from the Nut Press, Jean Fullerton, the RNA Chapter Liaison officer, all the way from London - and me. We had a good time, eating and gossipping and generally sharing writer type 'stuff'.

Cherry and Chocolate fondant.

It was so good we are hoping to do it again.

P.S. I've been blogging recently about Out of Sight, Out of Mind. This is the notorious second book - the one authors dread. Will the people who read the first one like this one too? I have an added complication that this is a paranormal romantic thriller. Relieved and heartened to find that the Bookseller magazine has previewed it as 'a terrific thriller'. Wow!


  1. I had a really lovely time yesterday, Evonne - you can see how much we enjoyed it from the photos! I'm sure you need have no worries whatsoever about Out of Sight, Out of Mind but it's great that the preview in the Bookseller confirms it. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Chris. It was good to meet up. We WILL do it again! Thanks for the comments on OSOM - the dreaded second book! I must find out where my mum has hidden my copy of Move Over Darling. She grabs all my Choc-lit reads straight off the postman. I know she enjoyed it.

  3. I'd be reading MOD now if I hadn't pledged to up my word count! (Heading for 2000 words today but must do better in future). Yes, thanks for posting photos, Evonne. Let's hope we have a productive and successful 2013 with lots more to celebrate!

  4. Hi Toni - Hope you got round to reading MOD, after the words!

  5. Loved the event. I am sure that everyone enjoyed it a lot. My cousin is a party lover and her whimsical and fun loving spirit encourages her to put her best for the DIY parties. I too would like to host a grand party with her help for my husband’s upcoming birthday that I plan to host at one of the rental event venues.