Wednesday 7 August 2013

A Gallery of Gromits

It's August. It's the silly season, so something today to raise a smile. Bristol has an invasion of Gromits for the summer. There are 80 dotted about the city and its environs. Lots of people, including me, were taking photos in the sunshine. All gorgeously decorated and it's all being done for charity. I think my favourite of the ones I managed to collect is the Gromitasaurus. Or maybe Blazing Saddles. They're there until early September.
Gromit unleashed!

Isambark Kingdog Gromit
Outside  Temple Meads station

May Contain Nuts - and Bolts - at the barrier at Temple Meads.

This one is called Bark at Ee and he's in Queen's Square


Butterflies - at the Bristol Old Vic.

Salty Sea Dog

The King


Carosello was damaged but is back in place now

Gromitasaurus - in the shopping centre

Launcelot -  in Quakers Friars

Collarful - in Castle Park

Bunty - with the Bristol skyline, outside St Mary's Radcliffe

Blazing Saddles