Wednesday 15 January 2014

Drive my car?

I don't drive. I know how to drive. I've had lessons, just never passed my test. As I am ludicrously short sighted, this may be A Good Thing. Writing books, as I do, my characters occasionally need to use an automobile to make a journey from A to B. I know enough to get them there and I understand that a sat nav is now involved, rather than an old style map, and my delightful editors help out if the need arises. But don't ask me anything more about what my characters might be driving. It's got five wheels and it makes a noise. What more do I need to know?

Except ... for the WIP I decided that as the hero is seriously rich, he ought to have a Posh Car. Of course I've looked on the Internet for a few ideas. (What would we do without  it?)

But then I got to thinking - do I really need to see them in the flesh, as it were? So next I looked up local luxury car dealers.  I think a field trip is in the offing. Be afraid,  dear dealers, be very afraid. A writer of romantic suspense is about to descend on you.

I hope not to be apprehended as a suspicious character, hanging around luxury car dealerships in the Cardiff area. But if I am, all of you can vouch for me.

You know what to say.

It's research.

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