Wednesday 23 July 2014

Hi Honey, I'm home.

There really should be a maid service especially for those returning from a holiday. I'm just back from a fabulous two weeks in the United States, which took in the amazing Thrillerfest convention in New York.

And now?

You'll recognise the scenario - a mountain of washing, a garden that looks like a jungle - the bits that haven't died or attempted to escape into next door to get some attention, a teetering pile of mail. And bills. An empty refrigerator. Nearly 1000 emails to be dealt with, as my account went into deep sulk and wouldn't let me in while I was away. And I haven't dared look at my university account yet.
But my lilies waited until I was home to burst into full flower - so there is something good in the garden. I thought I'd share a picture - I can't share how fantastic they smell - you'll have to imagine that.

I'll be blogging next week about Thrillerfest - hanging out with the FBI, sharing an elevator with famous authors, speaking on a panel about building strong story lines ...

In the meantime - if you could just hand me that box of washing powder over there  ...

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