Wednesday 15 October 2014

Must like Chocolate?

As I repeat at frequent intervals - my books have Alpha heroes. Tough guys, with shady pasts. And at the moment I have a dilemma. Logan, who is waiting for his place in the Work in Progress queue, is mad, bad, dangerous and apparently given to riding motor bikes off cliffs if the need arises. I haven't yet been able to talk him out of that one. He visits from time to time, just to remind me that he is still there and keen to get together with Sarah, his heroine, and usually with an idea he wants to me to use - like the business with the motor bike.

Except this time he's come up with a character trait that I'm not sure about, and he seems quite determined about it. He says he has an addiction - to chocolate. Ever since he's mentioned it I have an image of the contents of his fridge - beer, and chocolate. Black chocolate - the darker the better. From the look of the fridge, he's a connoisseur of both, as there is some pretty exotic stuff in there. Now this sudden fixation might have had something to do with the fact that his creator was standing in the chocolate department of Selfridges at the time, admiring the display, but the picture just won't go away.

The thing is - does  a passion for chocolate go with the alpha image? Do tough guy's eat chocolate? I don't think Logan cares, but as keeper of his image, I have to care on his behalf. Do I persuade him out of it? Or let him get on with it?

And what about the research? Am  I going to have to taste some of this stuff?

I may need some help ...


  1. I'm in love with him already - a mad, bad, dangerous chocolate eater - he's mine!
    Angela Britnell

    1. I'll bear it in mind that you have first dibs, Angela. Now if there were 48 hours in every day, he might get written a bit faster!