Wednesday 11 February 2015

This could change everything ...

As regular readers know, I'm playing with an idea that involves a witness protection scenario. Someone who has to change their whole life. How easy would that be? New place to live, new job, etc - those are a given - and changes of hair style and colour, maybe eyes, with contact lenses, and getting more extreme, physical features with plastic surgery. But what about voice, way of walking, physical tricks and tells that might be a giveaway? Much harder, but I guess you would do it, if you were running for survival.

But what about the smaller stuff too - that thought was prompted by a sales assistant in a department store offering me a squirt of a brand new fragrance. Lovely, but not enough to tempt me away from my regular favourites. Regular favourites. And that got me thinking, as writers do. My heroine, if she is smart, and she is, will change her fragrance. And what about favourite make up, nail polish, skin care brands? All of those are intimate things - things that someone close, like a lover, might notice and remember, in the right context. Scent in particular is a great trigger to memory.  And that gave me a scene from the book - hero and heroine in conversation in my head. Which is a great distraction when you are in M&S trying to find tonight's dinner!

I didn't buy a new perfume, but I did decide that it will be the one my heroine chooses when she changes hers. My heroine. I can't tell you her name - not one is supposed to know ...

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