Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Gardener's Delight?

As regular readers know, I like gardens. Other people's particularly. No worries about weeds and watering. And don't get me going on the subject of slugs and snails. I'm still mourning the loss of a cherished lily - chewed just enough to fall over and die, but not actually eaten.

So the chance to grab a couple of hours at the Royal Horticultural Society Cardiff Flower Show last week was bliss. And of course I took pictures. Which I am sharing in a spirit of total generosity.

Funnily enough, although visiting buildings usually gets me plotting about bodies and so on, I've never had an attack of plotting at a flower show. Maybe it's all that healthy fresh air - or that flowers don't seem to lend themselves so well to the black arts? Maybe they are a better fit for cosy crime rather than suspense? One day I'd love to write one of those stories about restoring an old garden, something left over from one of the wars, probably. That is another on the wish list, which grows longer and more unruly with every passing week.
One day?

Planted wellies on the way to the show!
It wasn't just about the plants.

One of the show gardens - a space for working from home.
Not sure how much work would be done. 

This was a gold medal winner - food, hens and a space for alfresco cooking and dining.

And here are the hens :)
I liked this garden. Writer's shed, anyone?

Brought home some shopping.
Now, how to keep the clematis away from the slugs ...

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