Wednesday 13 May 2015

You are where you live?

I remember when I was in school, doing various quizzes designed to teach you about words. They probably don't do that kind of stuff now. (Stop sniggering - I've heard all the jokes about sharing the class with the dinosaurs) One of them was matching the animal to the home - bees to hive, badger to sett and so on.

So - how important is the place you call home to a character in a book? I think the choice could tell you a lot. A couple of my heroes probably would have very sparse, minimalist places, not really from choice, but simply because they don't accumulate much in the way of possessions - and, let's face it, it's the 'stuff' that ties you down. (Speaking as someone who has promised herself to de-clutter for at least the last two years!!!)

Or castle?
At the moment there are a number of historical buildings in my area that have been converted to residential use and offered for sale, which are what got me speculating about who might live  in those sort of spaces? How far does the place you live reflect or affect the person you are? How big a character revelation is your choice, if you are choosing a home?

Not something I've actively thought about in relation to characters before. I've known where they live, and why, without really thinking about it. Does that make sense?

Something else to put on the list of fun things to think about when you should be writing. Or even better than thinking - visiting. I'd love to spend some time in some of the unusual holiday venues I see advertised, like yurts and light houses.

Research. Its called research.


  1. Houses often reflect a character in my stories too and in favourite books I read. Where we live often has an effect on behaviour for good and bad reasons! Angela Britnell

    1. Hi Angela
      It's something I will think more about in future books. Setting a whole book around a house is a temptation - do I feel a Manderley moment coming on?