Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Living the Dream

Running away to the sea?
We all have our little fantasies. No - not that kind of fantasy. I'm talking about the ones where we run away to the seaside, the countryside, rural Italy, an island somewhere ... and start on a whole new way of making a living. This usually involves something creative, self employment and spectacular scenery. Writers, being good with fantasies - we make stuff up all the time - are always ready to oblige, either with books with protagonists who have done just that, or books set in the dream situation/location.  Just for fun I've assembled a few suggestions. Yes - it's a list, folks. My baker's dozen of new life dream escapes.

In no particular order :-

Other 'creative' retail - bakery, patisserie, sweet-shop, florist.
Plant nursery/smallholding/vinyard.
Art Gallery
Pottery/artist studio
Restoring and opening an historic house/garden to the public.
Running a museum/staging a festival
Interior/garden design
House sitting/dog walking
Running a B&B/boutique hotel/holiday let.
And, of course, writing that best selling novel.

It's interesting to speculate how far these are dreams, fun to read about but not for real life, or secret hopes and plans. Are writers feeding fantasies, or ambitions?  

Maybe a bit of both?


  1. I think it can be both at least I hope so. Angela Britnell

  2. Hi Angela I think you are right - although some of the choices might be heavier on the 'fantasy' :)

  3. I could go for any of those choices--they're not all that far-fetched. After my wife retires I hope we can get away to some dream situation in a place that we enjoy. Los Angeles is too busy and crowded and it would be nice to get away.

    I'm now signed up as a follower on your blog.

    Arlee Bird
    Wrote By Rote

    1. Thank you, Arlee, for taking the time to comment and for signing up. I hope you get your wish about following your dream