Wednesday 4 May 2016

What are you writing at the moment?

You mean apart from this blog?

It's an interesting question, one that writers get asked a lot. That's because they are, you know, writers.

So I'm a writer. So what am I writing?

Well ...

Like I said, that's an interesting one. It's not that I have not been working, it's just that it's not in any organised fashion. As regular readers will know, a lot of stuff has happened recently to impair my output, from pressure of other responsibilities to lack of brain matter.

So at the moment I have a totally different type of novella suspended in editing. I don't want to complete that process until I can be sure of doing my absolute best with it before I sign it off. At present I can't, although I hope that I may eventually be getting there. This summer? I hope.

I have lots of ideas on the boil. Too many, probably, but I actually also have two full length romantic suspense novels which are both one third written - one a stand alone, which is a plot I have been nursing for some time, and one which is the first of a trilogy and which I hope will become part of an interconnected series. They are ready to pick up, when I am, but that's not yet.

And I also have a few chapters of another light romance, featuring some of the characters from the novella that has not yet been released into the wild. The light stuff is fun, and not quite so demanding as the romantic suspense, but still demanding enough.

So that's what is on the table. You'll will notice that there is a word recurring in all this.



  1. Oh gosh, Evonne, you've summed up exactly where I am! Here's hoping Cx

    1. We both have to make it! Thing is, it wlll need time.

  2. "...until I can be sure of doing my absolute best" resonated for me. Yes, you're right it needs time and that moment when the writing comes alive. Like you, simply going through the motions won't do. I look forwards to celebrating when we both get there!

    1. I'll second the celebrations! The book that you produce is never quite the perfect thing you had in your head, but it has to be as close as you can get. It's not 'inspiration' but it is the best you can do.