Wednesday 28 June 2017

Something to read on the Beach?

No cover to reveal yet. 

As you know, I'm the Choc-lit author at the dark end of the selection box. The one that writes the scary, creepy stuff. Heroines in jeopardy, tortured heroes. Lots of dead bodies.

Don't get too attached to anyone, they might not make it to the end of the book.

Except that the next book that's coming out with my name on isn't like that. 

It's crime, but not the way I usually write it.

This one has sunshine and parties and cocktails and pretty clothes and picnics - and two ex lovers sleuthing on the Italian Riviera. And maybe falling for each other all over again?

I’m really excited, as I haven’t had a new book out in ages. Life, and all that stuff, getting in the way. It's called Summer in San Remo, and I'm hoping that it will be the start of a light-hearted series called Riviera Rogues. I don't have a cover to reveal yet, (Although I’ve seen the art work, and it’s gorgeous) but it should be out as an e-book next month. And then I’ll be able to say that I write in the sunshine and in the shadows.

But the next one is all sunshine.

Something different, just for the summer.

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