Wednesday 28 March 2018

You are what you tweet? Or retweet?

I don't do a lot of original tweeting - maybe a bit of promo here and there, especially if there is a new book about, or a special sale going on somewhere - but I do re-tweet quite a bit. And that got me thinking about how much your re-tweets say about you.

So - my top list of things you are likely to find I have re tweeted - not in any particular order. With pictures - not in any particular order, either.

Books Well yes - what  did you expect?  Especially on a Tuesday,  because Tuesday is the day when members of the Romantic Novelist's Association  re tweet each others news and most of it is about books.

London by night, from the South Bank
Barry Island Beach

Historical stuff - an overlap from the day job and  tends to be from my favourite archives.

Museums and historic houses and gardens - especially if they have events on.

Local news from around my area, especially pictures, often featuring Barry Island

Posts from Visit Wales - particularly those about the Brecon Beacons as that is where the last book was set and there have been some lovely ones of the Beacons in snow, which is also in the book.

Food - particularly cake.

Italy - also because it is a favourite setting for books


Lectures and talks and events

The occasional spooky/ghostly stuff, if I happen to be researching that kind of thing at the time.

Florence - possibly my favourite
Italian city 
London - one of my favourite places and again a book setting.

Looking at the list, it's pretty predictable really, and it does say a lot about the things that interest me. You are what you re-tweet?

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