Wednesday, 11 April 2018

What did you read today?

I have to have a book in the process of being read. If I don't I get decidedly twitchy. But reading isn't just books. Think of all the other things you might read in a day:

The blurb on the side of the cereal box
The destination on the front of the bus
The instructions on the flat pack furniture
The ingredients in the recipe
The address on the letter
The sign on the door
The warning poster
The text that says 'I love you'
This blog
The church clock
The railway sign
The holiday brochure
The commemorative plaque
The file on the desk
The cast list for the play
The inscription on the gravestone

There's a story in there somewhere. The story of a day?


  1. Your list reads like a poem, and I like its shape. :)

    I had to take the car into the garage today, so I read road signs, car brochures in the showroom and, for the first time in ages, the local paper. Which had me reaching for my notebook, so maybe I should read that more often?!

    1. There you are - inspiration is everywhere ...