Wednesday 22 August 2018

The Owls of Bath

Bath is one of my favourite cities, which is why I decided that Cassie's concierge service would be located there in Summer in San Remo. I made a trip over last week - very nice lunch and a visit to the theatre - and the streets, and the occasional shop, were full of these handsome chaps. 

He was in the new shopping precinct

And he was outside the theatre

This rather startled gentleman was in Jolly's department store

This handsome fella was outside a restaurant

Not sure where this one was, but the building behind looks impressive

If you look to the right, you can see me, taking the picture

Isambard Kingdom Owl
was in the railway station


  1. I was in Bath last Friday and I loved spotting the owls. Can't believe I missed the one in the station - he is owlsome! That fruity fellow you liked was in front of The Ivy. The top two are fantastic, didn't see those either but they're gorgeous.

  2. They really are lovely - and lots of them - it's always fun. I think the one by the phone box is my favourite.