Wednesday 20 February 2019

Not quite research

Authors make jokes about research, Everything is research - even chocolate. This week I did some research in reverse. Stocking up on ideas in advance, as it were. It's not inspiration, because I don't have a story out of it. It's just a bit of information, that I might be able to use, and it came from a visit to the exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci drawings in Bristol. They are from the Royal Collection and there are small exhibits of about a dozen pieces in each, in various galleries all over the country. There's one in Cardiff, which is on the agenda for later in the year.

The Bristol display was fascinating. Drawings and sketches from da Vinci's note books - horses, cats, skeletons. A bit like an author's collection of post it notes, only a lot more elegant. And older. I enjoyed the exhibition, and there was one little nugget of information that I stored away for future use. Maybe. There was a lovely sketch of a woman's head that may have been have been for a picture of the Madonna, but not one that is known about. The exhibit mentioned several Madonnas and Child that da Vinci was working on towards the end of his life that have completely disappeared.

Now my friends know I collect missing pictures - not the real thing, unfortunately - but little snippets about paintings that have dropped out of sight for one reason or another. It has become  'a thing', to the extent that they collect anecdotes for me. I'm so predictable. So I now have the possibility of an unknown da Vinci to play with, if I ever want it, and I know what she will look like. I just have to  wait for a story to go with it.

If it's meant to be, it will happen.

If you are interested in the exhibition, this is the link Bristol Exhibition

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