Wednesday 12 June 2019

If you're not writing books, what are you doing?

Well, today I'm unpicking a chapter on Air Raid Shelters in Cardiff.

Hey - whatever floats your boat, right?

In three months all this academic stuff will be over and I will be back to writing fiction. I promise.

I did actually do something writerly this week. I spent a lovely evening talking books with Vanessa Savage as part of the Cardiff Library Crime and Coffee Festival. It was fun, with a super audience. Reminded me why I enjoy being a writer. The Festival was fab. I hope they do it again next year and I can be part of it. Maybe even with a new book on the horizon!


  1. Sorry to have missed your event last week with Vanessa but I already had something on that evening and couldn't make it.

    Have fun in the air raid shelters. Looking forward to a get together once the PhD has been handed in!

    1. The air raid shelters make a change from pig swill, which was the topic of conversation the week before. I will have to polish up my social skills once the thing if finally done!!!