Wednesday 26 February 2020

And the award goes to ...

Not me, that's for sure, as I haven't had a new book out in ages - hope that will change this year. And as for an award? I've had my share in the past and know what a high it can be. Will I ever get there again? Maybe - you always have hope.

Quite a number of romance writers will be having a weekend of hope, as the Romantic Novelists' Association RONA awards will be presented on Monday. Always interesting to find out first the short lists and then the winners, and a good place to go if you are looking for something interesting to read that maybe you would not otherwise have seen.

I'm particularly interested in a new category this year, for romantic suspense, which is where my books would probably fit. Some of them, anyway. It's an intriguing line up, as you can see below - big names and maybe a few you've not heard of before.

Roll on Monday.


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