Wednesday 1 April 2020

Time for a new bucket list?

Bucket lists are usually a place for big ticket items – learning a new language, buying a house, writing a book, making a trip on the Orient Express. It’s aspirational, and probably expensive, either in time and commitment, or money. Often the list is time limited – ‘By the time I’m 40 I will …  Travel and experiences feature, with maybe  the occasional material treat, like a pair of earrings from Tiffany, thrown in on the lower slopes. Yes, they are on my current radar for the next time I write one. They have these dinky little gold hearts …  

I had a big item list some years ago, which is how I came to start the PhD eight years ago– but that is a whole other story.  I really must see if I can find that original list. I could cross off at least one item. I suspect that may be two, as I am now a published author.  

This post was prompted by a more modest list that I just found in the front of my diary – plans for what I wanted to do once the PhD was put to bed.  A haircut, a few exhibitions, seeing friends, cinema trips, some shopping, a concert or two, a couple of very long awaited holidays. Now all those have gone completely out of the window – although I am working on the next book, so that’s something. I suppose I shall get round to some de-cluttering and gardening eventually, if this is going on for three months or more. I have done the ironing …

I suspect that the current situation might cause a change in the things that get included on future lists, around the world. Spending more time with family and loved ones might move to the top. I suspect travel might still feature, but maybe material possessions and work ambitions might get a much harder look.

It might be time for a new list though, just for something to look forward to. 

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