Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Writing Archaeology

 Not the kind that digs trenches, although I do have an archaeologist in the next book. I'm currently awaiting the next round of edits, and do not want to get too deep in the WIP so am doing a job I've been ducking for ages - excavating the house. At the moment that is all my cabinets with writing related contents. 

There are all sorts, old manuscripts that never saw a publisher and probably never will, the first drafts of published books, snippets on interesting stuff - from concierge services (Does that sound familiar) to white hat hacking, by way of forensics, old NWS reports, useful ephemera from trips abroad (mostly Italy!), notes from courses, conference papers. Some I'm keeping some I'm shredding. 

There are various awards and commendations. that I have never displayed. As part of this revamp I hope to have a proper 'study'   - which will not mean that writing will not take place all over the house, as now, but that my paperwork will be corralled in one place so maybe I shall have a chance to rectify that. 

I've not yet found the drawer full of rejection letters, but I know it is there. What to do with them? Mundane shredding, or a ritual bonfire? I'll try and remember to let you know. 

The edits will be back, probably today and then it is all systems go for release day on 21 September. E book first, then there will be audio and paperback in due course. I have a lot of things about the writing of the that book I want to share with readers, but I'm hanging on to those until it is actually out. Maybe I'll tell you a little about them next week though. In the meantime, A Villa in Portofino is on pre-order. 



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