Wednesday 14 September 2022

Nothing lasts forever ...

 ... although we often wish that it would.

In this week there was only one possible blog topic - the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

She has been the monarch for the whole life of most of the population of the UK. We don't know anything else. 

A nation has lost a much loved monarch, a family has lost a beloved mother, grandmother, great grandmother.  Many people have commented on social media that her death has stirred up unexpected grief for their own lost family members.  My mother died in September seven years ago, age 95. Now I mourn the Queen and think of the past, along with many others around the world. 

But we have a new king, Wales has a new prince and princess, and life will move on. 

The Queen will stay in our memories as an example of service and dependability, a constant in the changing world during 70 years on the throne.

Rest in Peace your Majesty. 

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