Wednesday 18 January 2023

A Week in the Life ...

11th to 17th January. 

I had three books on my mind in the week that's just gone - Masquerade on the Riviera, the new release scheduled for March, Summer in San Remo, the first of the Riviera Series, which was on a daily deal on Friday and the one I am planning to write next. I decided it might be interesting to make a diary:-

Wednesday 11th

Spent a couple of hours writing the obituary of someone who does not exist. Writers are weird. I keep telling you that. 

Popped down a few rabbit holes AKA research. Bought a book on Arts and Crafts house gardens and ordered a few on architecture of said houses from library. Went hunting for information on the WW2 war artists, particularly artists who drew the official pictures of the Nuremburg trials and found myself looking at various portraits and busts of the artists themselves in the archives of the National Portrait Gallery, then had a pleasant ramble around the website of the Imperial War Museum. Found a lot of useful stuff. Downloaded a banner from my publisher for the deal on Friday. The edits will be back next week. Now looking for a corner to hide in. Tomorrow I have a long delayed trip with a friend to look at the Egyptian exhibits in the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. Maybe I won't come back. (See edits, above.) 

Thursday 12th

Very good day with Mary in Bristol, even if we did get drenched! The museum/gallery has an attractive, intimate Egyptian exhibit which was the object of the visit - atmosphere for the forthcoming launch of Masquerade on the Riviera.  We also got a very nice lunch in the cafe - toasted sandwich and decadent hot chocolate - and a scamper around the display of PreRaphaelite paintings, which you know is my catnip. 

Inside and outside of sarcophagi from the museum. These were quite small - I have three huge ones in a very creepy scene in the book - at least, I hope it is creepy! 

Friday 13th!

Tired after my day out, still not used to being out/out. Mostly just vegetating and doing promo for the Kindle daily deal for Summer in San Remo. Thrilled that by lunchtime it had a best seller banner. 

Saturday 14th. 
 Not much going on - I'm sorting my books for a trip to the charity shop. Hung on to the best seller flag though. 

Sunday 15th
Today I got the art work for three proposed covers for Masquerade - all gorgeous. Masks, but no sarcophagi. Happy with any of them. Next week is going to be exciting - except that by then I'll have the edits back!

Monday 16th
Blue Monday. Still clearing books and cupboards.  Wrote some more pages for the new one. I don't usually write out of sequence, but the scene was growling at me to be written down. Another possible cover arrived - also a good one. 

Tuesday 17th 
Cover reveal will be next week - I'll keep you posted. The final choice will be down to the publishers' 'Stars' panel. Really looking forward to seeing which one they pick 

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