Wednesday 20 September 2023

The power of tea?

 I'm late with today's post. Apologies to those who have been waiting with bated breath. I had rather a stressful day yesterday so didn't wake up until late and then couldn't resist listening to Just One Thing on the radio before I actually got up.  I'm functioning now, sort of. I have brushed my hair, so we'll call that a win. 

Just One Thing is a Radio 4 half hour, with Michael Mosley where he considers a relatively small thing that you might do to increase your well being and live longer. If we do them all we will presumably live forever, but I'm still trying to get to grips with brushing my teeth while standing on one leg. Good for your balance apparently. 

Today the topic was drinking tea. All sorts of benefits from keeping calm, to helping your bones and stuff to do with concentration and learning. I was still a bit dozy when listening so if you want to know more you can listen to the episode by downloading it. 

I was pleased to know though that it was good for me, as I drink about six or seven cups a day - all sorts of varieties, including one that tastes of toffee.  I was also amused as Elliott, the hero of the latest Riviera book, Masquerade on the Riviera, is a tea drinker. Oolong for choice. He can be a bit of a show-off at times. These academics! Good to know that the learning and creativity stuff  of tea suits him.  

It also seems that the advice that was so often given in papers to do with morale that I waded through for the PhD was actually sound. Tea does have a calming effect. 

Off now to make myself another cup! 

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