Wednesday 10 January 2024


 When any  group of romance writers get together the topic of romance tropes often comes up - a shorthand tag that lets readers know what they will be getting inside the covers. I've had several conversations on these lines lately, which inspired a list - some of them are classic, some new, some a bit saucy, I know some readers chose their reading solely on the basis of their favourite scenarios, What you see is what you get! Are your favourites here?

Marriage of convenience - classic, tends to be historical but not always. Morphed in contemporaries into fake relationship? 

Secret baby - also classic

Grumpy/sunshine - this seems to be a newish one

Only one bed - now we're getting towards saucy. 

Falling for the boss - This used to be CEO/secretary or doctor/nurse - perhaps a little old fashioned now?

Forced proximity - can include the two above, but any scenario where the protagonists can't avoid each other works

Second chance romance - a nice one to write as there is HISTORY! 

May/December - maybe not so popular these days?

Friends to lovers - this has lots of possibilities. Likely to be small town with interesting supporting characters?

An embarrassing one night stand that has repercussions - maybe linked to secret baby???

Enemies to lovers. Maybe me, but I don't seem to have come across so many of these lately. Maybe my reading habits have changed. 

Fairy tales - Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella being the most popular. 

Reverse harerem - now that IS saucy! 

I've seen a few lists that include sports romance, amnesia, billionaires, blind dates, royalty - but they seem to me to be more towards plot/setting than trope.

I'm sure I have missed a few, but it is fun to try and remember  them!  

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