Wednesday 26 September 2012

Editing Frenzy

Only a short post today, as I am deep in the first round of edits for Out of Sight, Out of Mind - that's the part where your editor points out that your plot has a hole in it on page 200 and weren't his parents living in Spain in Chapter Four?

I do have something special in mind for a future post - I hope next week, which I have been working on for some time. Something to look forward to.

Before I shoot off, there is one thing that I've been meaning to say for a while. Blogger has a device that lets you find out where in the world people who are reading your blog are living. Don't panic - it's only the country, not the address :0)

From that I have discovered that I have regular readers from the UK, US, China, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Singapore, Hungary, Italy, Germany and Malta.  It's nice to meet you, and I am flattered at your interest in what I have to say each week.


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