Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fun at the Festival

It's official - I had a great time at the Festival of Romance. And I make faces when I read aloud. And sometimes at other times also. Unfortunately I have the photographic evidence to prove it :) The Festival was a whole weekend of celebration of romance - involving parties, readings, talks, courses and awards. Congratulations to Christina for winning best historical and Choc- lit for publisher of the year. And big thanks to Kate Allan and her army of helpers for the organisation, and the people of Bedford for being so welcoming. Quite what the population in general made of an invasion of romance writers I'm not sure, but those I met seemed to be enjoying themselves. I was only there on Saturday - sturdier souls did the whole three days - but it was a hectic day, with lots crammed in. And I have photos. Hence knowing that I pull faces!

My first appearance was at the Coffee and Cake morning - where authors read aloud to guests who had bought tickets to eat cake, drink tea and coffee - and listen to authors read to them. Interesting evidence that inside a lot of writers is an actress trying to get out. The cakes were good and the reading were a complete mix - funny, creepy, sombre, thought provoking, romantic - not all at once. Thanks to Lizzie Lamb for the photo. And we did not drink all the bottles lined up behind me!

I did a stint on the Choc-lit bookstall over the lunch period with Christina, Liz, Sarah, Jane and Sue appearing and disappearing as events called them away. Then it was the Readathon at the Shopping Centre. Authors reading bits of their books to unsuspecting shoppers. Not sure what most of them made of it - but the Mills and Boon Stall was doing a brisk trade in ladies who wanted to feature as part of their cover art and yes, I did have a go. I can't remember who took the piccie on my camera (I may also already be featuring on M&B's Facebook page!!!!!) but thank you, and thanks to poet Oscar Sparrow who read from his work and who took the photo of me reading from Never Coming Home.

Then it was all over, for me anyway, and back on the train to London. I had a lovely day. Look out Bedford, we will be back.

My photo gallery appears below.


  1. I have been reading the posts and enjoying the photos form the event and from the evidence presented it seems you all had a fabulous time.

  2. Hi Lindy lou
    As everyone has said - it was a lot of fun. Maybe a date for your diary next year, if you can make the trip?

  3. It was great, wasn't it? Lovely to see you again, too, Evonne X

  4. And you, Sarah. Gossip, books, writers, chocolate - can't go wrong :)

  5. Really enjoyed chatting to you there and your book is super, not finished it yet but am going great guns with it!

  6. Thanks Cara - glad to know you are enjoying it - that is what it is all about!