Wednesday 7 November 2012

Keep Talking

The popular image of an author is someone sitting in a rather nice study, probably lined with book shelves, alone with their muse, creating novels. This might be true, but there are just as many being typed on kitchen tables, scribbled on trains, in cafes, on buses. And authors don't spend all their time alone with their muse, either. We are allowed out sometimes, to talk to people. As my nearest and dearest never tire of informing me, I'd learnt the concept of sentences, and conversation, by the time I was eighteen months old, and I've not stopped talking since, so I really enjoy that part of being an author. Last week I had a chance to indulge myself - twice.

The Caldicot Writers' Group, who meet regularly in Caldicot library, invited me to talk to the group and I spent a very enjoyable morning with them chatting about becoming a published author and telling the story of how Never Coming Home made it into print. They are a lively lot, and I had a good time. I hope they did too. And we had a very nice lunch at the pub afterwards.

The next day I was in Ross on Wye. Another pub, another lunch, this time with the Wye Chapter of the Crime Writers' Association. As I write romantic thrillers I'm able to be a member of the CWA and the Romantic Novelists' Association. Twice as much chance to socialise, and twice as much chance to gossip!

On Saturday 17th November I shall be at the Festival of Romance, in Bedford, with the opportunity to talk my head off. The Festival has a number of events where readers and authors can meet, with the emphasis on readings and conversation. I'll be having Coffee and Cake, and reading a bit from Never Coming Home, on Saturday morning, and doing a stint afterwards on the stalls that Choc-lit and the Romantic Novelists' Association will be running during the day at The Corn Exchange. There's a rumour that the Choc-lit stall may have chocolate and other goodies to share. There will be books to buy - and plenty of information on books and authors. There is also a Readathon, taking place in the Harpur Shopping Centre, and I think I may be involved in that too. It's going to be a hectic day. Will I be hoarse at the end of it? Possibly. But I'm sure it will be fun.

If you have the chance, do come along. Some of the ticketed events are sold out, but there will still be opportunities to meet authors, and hear their work, around Bedford during the weekend. You'll be very welcome, and it will be a chance to do some early-ish Christmas shopping. With the variety of novelists attending, there will be plenty of books to chose.

And you get to hear an author talk.


  1. I'm hoping to be talking to you soon - Cardiff chapter meet-up? :)

  2. Yes Chris - it's in the diary, And today I had the pleasure of seeing Move over Darling at number 54 in the Smith's chart at University Hospital. If you're in hospital you need something good to read!

  3. I would love to have been able to tag along with you to these events. :)

  4. Hi Lindy lou - I'll be posting about my adventures at the Festival of Romance. As will many others, I'm sure.:)
    Hope that will go some way to make up for not being able to attend in person.