Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Bag of Souvenirs


I couldn't finally leave the topic of American romance conventions without mentioning it. 
Swag. The many and varied publicity items given away by authors and publishers to remind you of their books, long after you have left the convention. Wonderful items that you didn't even know you needed. It's such a feature of the RT Book lovers convention that there is a section totally dedicated to it - Promo Alley - where you can pick up any number of gadgets and gifts. 
Turn left for Promo Alley

Stuff - of every kind. Cute, clever, provocative, decorative, useful - or 
A display from blogger 'The Book Tart'.
all the above. Forget the humble bookmark - although there are plenty of those too, and very eye catching and useful they are. I have a much loved collection and mourn deeply when a favourite finally passes beyond repair. 

But this is so much more. 

Gadgets to clean eye glasses and open letters, lip salve, nail files, hair ornaments, magic wands, postcards, potions to put in the bath, fans, pens, notebooks, pencils, key rings, fridge magnets, chocolate, hand mirrors, cuddly toys ...

If I'd had a bigger suitcase ...

I love it all - it's part of the magic of the convention.   

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