Wednesday, 7 May 2014

To Guernsey - with the Crime Writers.

I've just come back from my first conference with the Crime Writing Association. I had a great time - good food, good hotel, good company, good speakers - in fact good all round. And it was held on an island. And you know I have a thing about islands, as I live on one myself. I'd never been to Guernsey before, so that was good too. As a thank you to a lovely, flower filled island for an excellent weekend, I'm now plotting murder and mayhem, so that I can set a book there. To make everyone jealous in the meantime, I'm sharing my snaps.

The post boxes are blue

Candie Gardens
I was hoping to snap the crow, just seen disappearing round the pillar, but he snuck off as soon as he saw the camera.
 Something to hide?

We visited Victor Hugo's house, where he spent a long exile, and wrote Les Miserables, amongst other things. A fantastic place, all dark wooden panels, staircases and hidden doors and cupboards. Oh - and plates on the ceiling.

The house is preserved by the city of Paris.
The great man himself

And another view.
The statue is very impressive and the caption has recently been re-gilded. 

We got to handle historic weapons at the museum - very professional, in white cotton gloves - and I met the dagger of my dreams. Just what I want for a future plot.
Deadly weapons - and 'my' dagger.

 I also visited the Sausmarez Manor Gardens - damp and mysterious after some heavy rain, full of bamboo, twisty paths and surprising sculptures.

Two girls reading among the bluebells.

I can't wait to go back - even if it does involve a trip in an aeroplane!

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