Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Marvelous Party, Darling

I made a lightening trip to London last week. As well as spending time in the arms of the British Library and the National Archive - which currently has a pair of swans with six cygnets on the lake - I fitted in the Romantic Novelists' Summer Party - that's the one where the Joan Hessayon award is given out. Memories of two years ago were very sweet and this year the silverware went to Jo Thomas for her book The Oyster Catcher. Jo and I go back a long way ...

But enough reminiscences. Party photos usually consist of pix of people clutching wine glasses and possibly also trying to juggle canapes while smiling for the camera. After my excursion into shoes and carpets last week, I decided I'd do my party snaps a little differently. So here are my pictures of various feet - and the carpet of the Royal Overseas League, which was a very nice shade of blue. My feet are not among the pictures - I was wearing my faithful navy pumps, comfortable but boring. As my dress had zebras, parrots and tigers rampaging across it, I thought that was lively enough ...

Some lovely correspondents

Pretty in Pink

Four feet  - and a chair

Actually, my boring navy shoes are just visible here.

Fabulous colour
I think these got the prize in the 'Amazing' category.

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