Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Getting out and about.

It's summer - a time when authors are allowed to escape from the study and meet people!

I'm seizing my chances - so here is a quick update on places that I am going to be in the next few weeks.

I'm doing an interview for Marlow radio this Friday, 6th June - starting around 10am. Looking forward to chatting about books to Vanessa and talking about how I write.

Marlow FM

I hope to look in on the online Romance Festival that is taking place at the weekend too - 7/8th June - so I might see you there.

Online Romance Festival 

I will be part of an Authors' Day that is being held at the Vale of Glamorgan main library in Barry on Saturday 28th June. Lots of friends will be there, so it will be good to see them and to meet readers.  There will be writers from many different genres, so there should be something for everyone.
Barry Library

And in July I will be jetting across the Atlantic to New York, to visit Thrillerfest - a big American convention dedicated - as you might guess - to thrillers. I've been invited to take part in a panel discussion and signing, but I shall also be having a lot of fan girl moments, as many of my favourite authors are attending.

It's going to be a fun couple of months. If you will be at any of these events, do please come and say hello.


  1. Sounds like a packed programme, Evonne, I hope there's some chilling time built into it! I mean chilling like relaxing, not like putting bodies on ice..( thought I'd better add that...)

    1. I TOLD you never to look in the BIG freezer ...
      At the moment the body is still on the beach ...