Wednesday 28 January 2015

10 Places I've never visited (yet) that I would like to set a book.

Last week I did locations that I want to use that I have already visited. There could have been a few more on that list - the French and Italian Rivieras. Ephesus - although what sort of story I could set there I have no idea! A few more assorted islands in the Mediterranean or there-abouts - Sicily, Corsica, Malta. And Spain too. Switzerland - now that one is a serious contender but again, what's the story? Come the day, come the plot.

But to the never visited list -

1) Vienna - don't know why, except that it has a romantic vibe and I believe cake may be involved.

2) Brussels - this one is in the list because I have a lurking manuscript that will one day again see the light of day and the heroine works for an MEP in Brussels. It is attractive as it would be a train trip - no flying! Steak or moule frites and chocolate would have no influence whatsoever.

3) California - this one is more of a problem as it is more flying that I can usually contemplate. But I have this idea that involves a small private college in wine growing country.

The next ones are all linked - I've never been to any of the other Celtic countries and this is definitely a gap in my education.

4) Scotland - this would be a special pilgrimage too, as a relative was a war casualty when the Royal Oak was sunk in Scapa Flow and I would like to pay my respects.

5) Ireland - a ferry ride away, so really there is no excuse.

6) Cornwall - Devon, yes, Cornwall no. Gardens would feature. And beaches.

7) The Isle of Man - is this Celtic? I've always thought it looks interesting and of course, it is an Island.  

8) I'd better include Brittany. Standing stones and chateau - sounds good.

9) Capri - again, not quite sure why, except that it has a romance vibe. And of course, another island.

10) Amsterdam - especially for the art, I promise not to steal anything. Hmmm.

So that is the 'not yet visited' list. A good excuse for some excellent research trips. Of course, you don't actually have to go to the places to use them in a book, but ...

I'd love to set something on a cruise liner too - but that is yet another story.

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