Wednesday, 21 January 2015

10 places I've visited that I want to locate books.

Last week I talked about places I'd like to set future books and promised some lists.
So -
Here it is - The places I've visited that I want to use in a book list - (and yes, I have written about some of them before.)

Favourite view of Florence
1) Italy. Why? You have to ask? Art, architecture, sunshine, food. Enough? Florence is a favourite, but just about anywhere will do. Some day I'd like to set something in Matera, where the autumn fiction festival takes place. There has to be a chase scene in those caves.

2) London. Because I used to live there and I still love it. I have murky, half formed plans for something set on the Tube,

3) Paris. Because you can do a day trip on Euro star, which I haven't done for ages. Romance and shopping.

4) The coast of South Wales, where I live - but an invented coast, with all the features that I want to include in a series of books. And my own island. Writers can do that, you know. Power!

5) Lancaster. Where I went to university. A lovely city with a lot of history, it's own castle and very close to Pendle, of witchcraft fame.

6) The Greek Islands - any Greek island. I've not been there for much too long, so a research trip would definitely be called for.

7) Guernsey - went there for the 2014 Crime Writers' Conference and loved it. Actually the next WIP might be set there.

8) New York - went there for Thriller fest 2014.  Did various museums, libraries and other locations and daydreamed lots of creepy stuff.

Cardiff Bay
9) Cardiff - my almost home town. Setting for lots of TV series including Sherlock and Dr Who, so many of the landmarks are well known. I have my own plans for the museum - pause for evil laughter.

10) The Welsh Marches - an atmospheric stretch of country, with the mystery that a border always seems to hold. Folklore, legends, spooky stuff.

That's this week's list. I notice a recurring motif - islands.

Next week - places I've not yet visited.

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