Wednesday 12 August 2015

Making lemonade

You know the old adage ... 'When life gives you lemons ...'

Turning this ...
As major personal stuff is seriously affecting everything else on the agenda at the moment, I'm on the lemonade trail, looking for things to stop the writing from fizzling out altogether and maintaining the idea that yes, I am a writer, and will one day be one again. This blog is one - and thanks for sticking with me and continuing to read it. I do appreciate it. The other thing that I've been knocking around in my mind for a while is creating a log book for a series that I one day want to write.  At the moment ideas are all scattered on scraps of paper around the house. One of the books has a dog in it and the dog has a name - but at the moment I can't remember it. I just hope that's on one of those scraps.

The books - I'm hoping there will be a series and maybe even a few historicals as well - if you are going to dream, dream big - involve a fictional section of Welsh coastline and an island and a London HQ for my clandestine crime fighting organisation. As well as those scraps I've been collecting articles and pictures and stuffing them in a drawer. And drawing the occasional map, and deciding on the occupations for the residents and researching folklore and archaeology. I even have a piece of flash fiction which may or may not involve a ghost.

... into this.
I'm a writer. (Keep repeating that.) Having decided that all these bit and pieces should be organised, there was of course an immediate need for stationery. So I now have a eye popping file and notebook to collect stuff in and I'm looking forward to moving things into it. Once I've finished cleaning up the cubed glass from the disaster in the china cabinet.

But that is entirely another story.

One day there will be some books to go with the file. I'm promising myself. Then I'll be glad I collected all that research in one place.

Wish me luck.  


  1. Of course you're a writer and a damn fine writer too! I've had a couple of lemons lately so will join you in making lemonade! Hope you get your fizz back soon. Cx

    1. Thanks for the support Chris. At least we have something to drink - and non alcoholic too!

  2. Mmmm - not sure if I'm double commenting now as my earlier one seemed to disappear. Just wondered if anyone's got that lemonade recipe lol? I could really do with making it, too! I second Chris's comments, Evonne - you're a damnedably (not a word I know) fine writer! Hope life gets that much sweeter soon. Sx

  3. Hi Sarah - and thanks. Lemonade recipe coming you way :)