Wednesday 5 August 2015

That certain phrase ...

Evocative words.

Those shorthand phrases and expressions that conjure a feeling, an image, an idea.

I've been collecting some of my favourites in my head, on long traffic strewn bus rides. (Can't read, makes me travel sick). Some of them are cliches, some have been used as song/book/film titles. They all bring something with them that goes beyond the words - or they do for me.

Midnight train
Summer afternoon
Summer in the city
Stormy night
Cocktails for two
Dinner at eight
Deserted road
Footprints in the sand
Walking in the rain
Secret garden
Springtime in Paris
Roaring fire
Cucumber sandwiches
Scent of roses

See what I mean? I hope it's not just me. The phrases have an atmosphere. An instant snapshot. The fact that the reality of a midnight train probably means a cold wet platform and a selection of over refreshed travelling companions doesn't dispel the mental glimpse of velvet cloaks, clouds of steam, cabin trunks with exotic labels, runaway lovers, sinister strangers ...

Yes I'm an old romantic with an over active imagination. Of course. And I love words. And the images they can make in my mind.

And it livens up those boring bus journeys.



  1. Good way to pass the time - I can't read on busses either but trains are fine! Angela Britnell