Wednesday 30 December 2015

What I did on my holidays.

This Christmas had to be different - so I spent it in London. Took pictures, as you do, which turned out to be mostly of statues. And I thought I'd share a few. The first four are from Christmas day, when I revisited old haunts around Kensington and Chelsea, where I lived and worked. Then I did the sales and snapped Churchill and Roosevelt at the bottom of Bond Street - that was just window shopping - but very pretty Christmas windows in most of the shops. and Selfridges chose the signs of the zodiac, this year. Then I spent a day at the British Museum - with an in depth look at the 'Celts' exhibition. That was research - and very interesting too. My last outing was a concert in St Martin's in the Fields which is not in the fields any more, but Trafalgar Square - so you got the traditional Christmas picture. It was a good few days.

He was leapfrogging a bollard off King's Road.

This is the composer Bela Bartok
close to South Kensington tube.
The Christmas weather was actually warmish and wet - not like this mural.

Wartime memories.
Celts - art and identity. Lots of ideas for the latest romantic suspense. Now to write it!

The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree. It's not blurred - it's atmosphere. 


  1. I'm glad you found diversion, inspiration and, hopefully, amusement on your holidays, Evonne. I wish you a brighter, happier New Year, Cx

    1. Many thanks, Chris. It was the right thing to do - even if I will still be paying for it at Easter!