Wednesday 9 March 2016

Whose head is this?

When you write from multiple points of view as I do - both the hero and heroine, the villain/s and sometimes minor characters, if I can slip them through without the editor complaining, then choices have to be made. The villain's Point Of View is easy. The Work In Progress has two villains, with very different motives, and I am enjoying both.

But what about the protagonists? Whose head should we be in for this scene? Most of the time it comes naturally. If hero and heroine are apart then it's easier still, although then there is a decision on who you stay with and when you swap between them. I try to balance the time between H and H. But what about scenes when they are together - whose POV should it be then? The standard advice is to write from the POV of the character with the most to lose, but it's not always like that.

OK, the grass is green, but not the sea.

Take a recent scene I was writing, which is actually what got me thinking about this. I'd expected us to be in the hero's head at that point. Then I realised that I very much wanted to describe the colour of a dress as being sea green. And no way was that going to happen while I was in Matt's head. Very few guys would contemplate a colour called sea green. Some of them would struggle with green. Then there are the quibbles about the sea being various shades of grey, not green at all. At least it's not green around here. So it was change the dress, or change the POV. I started to change the dress, then realised I wanted that more than I wanted Matt's take on the scene, so Emma got it, and everything worked out fine. At least I hope it has.

This writing stuff - there's a lot more going on than you think.