Wednesday 8 June 2016

Holding out for a Hero

You know all that stuff from the song - speed, strength, fighting skills - well that's my hero. If you write romantic suspense it's sort of a given. He's got to be able to take care of himself, and the heroine - within reason - and fight off the baddie. And look good doing it. Luckily I can leave that one to the reader's imagination. In shorthand - he's the complete alpha.

Even Jake, the hero of the as yet un-named sunshine novella ... 

Actually, that's not quite true - the novella has had quite a few names, some of them not to be admitted in polite company, but I'm awaiting a nod from my publisher on which of a selection they prefer for the final article. Or something that they suggest, maybe. It will probably have Riviera in it somewhere to give the clue about light and sun and holidays  ... but I'm digressing, aren't I? 

Something for the holidays?
Well - even Jake, from un-named sunshine novella, is an alpha. Billionaire, terror of Wall Street, all that stuff. 

But now I'm I'm playing with what may grow up to be next in series for the light novellas and I seem to be writing a beta. Huh! How did that happen? Ryan is cute and capable of wading into a fight when he has to, but it's not part of the base layers of who he is. 

This is fun, and a little scary, because I have never done this before. I'm used to the shoot first and ask questions later type and this feels, well, a bit weird. I don't want him to come over as wet. I already love him to bits, and his heroine, Nadine, does too, and he loves her, although neither have got round to admitting it yet. It's sort of a friends to lovers plot, but not quite. So you can see that an alpha might not work so well. Anyway, that's what I've got.

Is it going to work?

Who knows.     


  1. Yes, it will - because you're so enthusiastic! Go you! Glad to hear you're full of writing ideas... I may even be getting few stirrings myself (oo-er!)

    1. Thanks Chris. I'm enjoying writing in the sunshine, at least. Hope the stirrings develop as they should :)

  2. Sounds as if the stirring are going well! Several of my heroes aren't what I would call out and out alphas either - nothing wrong with that :) Angela Britnell

    1. Hi Angela, it's strange, because I've never written one before, but it is coming along. Be interesting to see how it turns out. Hope the sun is shining on you in Nashville.