Wednesday 29 June 2016

Suspending Disbelief - Or how preposterous can you get away with?

Um. The thing I'm playing with at the moment - you know, the one that might be a series light novella? Well the plot is a bit, you know, out there. Not impossible, but unusual. Yes, I think I can say that. Not likely to happen in real life.

And it does have a tendency, not to having holes in it exactly, but bits where, well, the reader is going to have to go with the flow. Suspend the disbelief while I finagle us around a few corners. Finagle. That's a very good word.

Thing is - how preposterous can you go before the reader starts chucking things at the wall? It's a romp. A bit daft but, I hope, fun. Will that work? If readers have enough invested in Ryan and Nadine's love story, will that carry it along? The whole thing is centered around a con trick - that's smoke and mirrors, so I am going to need a few of my own.

It begins in Bath and then is going to move to the South of France and that would give me a very good reason for a research trip, wouldn't it?  And there are a couple of weddings involved, so I am, of course, having to look at a lot of dresses. And venues, and stationery, and flowers, and cakes, and shoes.

Oh, well, if I finally decide that it is too silly to be allowed out, I'll have had a lot of fun on the way.


  1. I think it sounds great already - go for it! Angela Britnell

    1. Angela - you always support me. It all involves a group of friends taking on a con artist, so it's all a bit, well, far fetched :)