Wednesday 27 July 2016

Trains and boats and planes.

I don't drive. Which means I rely on public transport. A lot. Which has it's good side, as I can write on trains and eavesdrop/people watch on buses. And shiver and clutch at the seats on airplanes. Not keen on flying. But it is a crash course in fear, which can be useful when you write romantic suspense.

I found a book in the library on rail journeys in Britain yesterday, and am having great fun planning trips and the books to go with them.  Which got me thinking about transport in general, and how it can be romantic and scary. Chases across moving roofs,mysterious strangers, murders in first class compartments,dining cars, sleeping cars, steam locomotives.

So here is my short list of 'transport' books I'd one day like to write.

I wish.

  • Something involving the London underground. Dis-used tunnels and all that. 
  • Sleeper train. The Orient Express for preference, but the Riviera Express (Cornwall) or the Caledonian (Scotland) would be perfectly fine too.
  • Anything set on a cruise ship.
  • Something set on the former transatlantic liner Queen Elizabeth, as I've been on that one.  
  • The Welsh train lines, And Scotland too, please. And the line that runs along the Marches. And the Isle of Man. 
  • Steam trains - either nostalgia or time slip, Or both?
  • I don't do long bus journeys as I get bus sick, but I can manage to get up to the Brecon Beacons, so that's going in a book one day.
I'm sure I could think of more, but that's enough to keep me busy for about 10 years. 

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