Wednesday 4 January 2017

New Year, New dreams?

Hoping for a few rainbows this year.

I've never been very big on New Year resolutions, although I have in the past sat down with paper and pen and taken stock, and maybe made a few plans and goals. Not lately though. And I'm not sure yet about this year.

Truth time. I may be too scared to. In the last couple of years life has taken one of those turns - you know the ones, where you can't be sure where, and when, you will next get the chance to sit down and drink a cup of tea, never mind do the big stuff.  So many things have been cancelled, abandoned or set aside with an indefinite re-start date, that now I'm kind of afraid to set a timetable on anything.

I am trying. I go back to the 'day- job' - the PhD, which still has two years to run - on 9th January. And I have two sunshine books in the pipeline, so I hope at least one of those will see the light of some actual sunshine in the real world. And there's that Christmas novella, and I have plans and some partially written manuscripts for romantic suspense novels, one of which, with a fair wind, should  be underway before the end of the year. And there it is - with a fair wind. Because life, in the nature of things, gets in the way.

I suppose that list of things is a plan, of a sort. But at the moment I'm not prepared to give them status higher than dreams. Can they come true?

If you have made New Year resolutions, then I wish you all the will power, hard work and a sprinkle of luck to make them happen. If, like me, you're hovering, not quite sure where to put your feet, then I hope we get all the luck and confidence to move on, but the resolve to hold on to the dreams, if it turns out that 2017 is not the year.

But let's hope, and dream, that it is!

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