Wednesday 25 January 2017

St Dwynwen's day

Today is St Dwynwen's Day. The Welsh saint's day that corresponds to St Valentine. Her love story is not very happy and she ended up as a nun, but now her day is celebrated as a chance for romance, so all sort of things can happen in the course of time.

As you know, I have a bit of trouble with romance - writing wise, I mean. As I write romantic suspense, there is a bit of a question mark in some people's minds about the 'romance' bit. I'm hoping that branching out into what is closer to rom/com will be a help, but otherwise, that's me, I'm afraid.

I've just finished writing a Christmas romantic suspense novella which, if my publisher likes it, I hope will be out for next Christmas. And I happen to think it's very romantic. Well, I've stranded them in the Brecon Beacons in a snow storm. (and the Brecon Beacons is where St Dwynwen was born, so maybe that counts for something - don't ask me what!)  Unfortunately there is a kidnapping and a couple of dead bodies in the mix as well, so only romantic in parts. I really enjoyed writing it, so fingers crossed it will see the (published) light of day.

In the meantime - have a happy St Dwynwen's Day.

Visit Wales has a few suggestions of how to celebrate - some of them require a bit of pre-organisation, so maybe something for next year's forward plan? Have a look HERE


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