Wednesday 22 November 2017

On location for What Happens At Christmas

A large part of the new Christmas e-book novella - What Happens at Christmas - is set in the Brecon Beacons National Park, in Wales. While the converted barn where the heroine stays for the holiday is invented, and I've also messed about with the weather, creating  some freak conditions to make sure I had oodles of snow on Christmas day, the hills and the scenery of the Beacons are real. As is the fact that the Park is a Dark Sky Reserve - making it an excellent place for star gazing. Very romantic, star gazing. At least, I hope it is. Abergavenny, the town where Lori, my heroine, does her last minute shopping for Christmas, is a real place too.

To give you a flavour of the setting - this week's blog has pictures. They wouldn't win any prizes for artistic impression, but they give you an idea. You just have to imagine it all covered in snow.

No - this one isn't Wales - it's Carlyle's House in Chelsea, in London.
This is the area where Drew, my hero, has a flat   
Now these are the Beacons - taken on a day in summer

Summer again.

This is a winter view, November and foggy.

You can see the fog over the hills to the right of the picture. 
And here we are, in Abergavenny
The hills lurk over the buildings of the town.
More lurk, and more fog.
The chickens in the roof of the Market Hall.
And this was the cake and gingerbread latte I rewarded myself with,
 after taking pix on a foggy day.


  1. More than ever, I'm looking forwards when this arrives on my Kindle!

  2. Great idea to share some location shots, and I think I may have a couple of pics of the Beacons in the snow, should you want them. I'm so looking forward to reading this one, especially as it's partly set up the road from me.

    1. Hi Kath Glad you like the location shots. The way the weather is at the moment, snow scenes may yet be on the cards!