Wednesday 13 March 2019

Always something to think about

On Tuesday I had a fabulous day.
I got out of the house and away from the second word war for a whole day.
I spent it in the company of the lovely and talented writers from the Romantic Novelists' Association Marcher Chapter.
The amazing ladies from Liberta aka Sophie and Joanna put on a terrific workshop for us on adding bling to your work.
It was great to talk books and writing for a day.
It was great to have the opportunity and the stimulation to think about the nuts and bolts of writing - the chance to step back and absorb
It was interesting to see how six different writers tackled the short exercises, and yes, we all produced very different results from the same prompts, but we all went for the dark side when it came to choosing three atmospheric words. Maybe it was Storm Gareth and torrential rain what did it.
It was worth leaving and arriving home again in the dark.
And now ... back to the war. I have some fascinating stuff on the Ministry of Home Security ...

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