Wednesday 27 March 2019

Research - It's not just stuff in books ...

... which is why, at the weekend, I was doing what might be called active research. 

I have a rom/com book in very slow progress which involves the heroine starting her own bakery. I have no idea when, if ever, it will be finished, or whether the publisher will like it when it is, but for the moment it's the WIP.  Which is how I came to spend last Saturday in the company of eight other ladies, one brave gentleman, a vast amount of equipment and an inspiring teacher, refreshing my bread making skills.

I have made bread before. I'm not revealing how many decades ago that was, but the techniques and a few new ones that teacher Claire recommended did come back. My first effort was a sad little pancake, but by the time I got to the focaccia I'd got into my stride and was quite proud of the results. We also learned how to turn bread dough into buns, which I was thrilled about, as one of the plot points of the book turns on a bun, as it were.

It was an energetic day, and I came home shattered, but with a fabulous haul of new bread and up-to date experience of the whole process.

The final focaccia. This will be going into the book!

Research - it's not just about stuff you read in books or look up on the Internet. Sometimes it's about learning and actually doing stuff too.


  1. The final focaccia looks lush! Am quite partial to edible research - something I can date back to A level History revision, spent munching on Garibaldi biscuits to help me remember key dates in Italian reunification.

    1. Edible research - I like it. Th bread was good too!