Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Where are we now?


Well - I'm still waiting for a verdict from the publisher on The Villa in Portofino, but I have begun book four of the Riviera series. 

I have twenty thousand words of Masquerade on the Riviera done and I have just hit a junction where the story turns, so am having a moment to re-group. This is the point where I am always convinced that I do not have enough story and it will only end up as a novella. Three months later I am usually scratching my head wondering how I can knock off at least five thousand words to bring it in on the respectable side of one hundred thousand. We shall see how this one shapes up. 

I'm having a ball so far- although I do need to get my head round some productive plotting soon. I spent the Sunday afternoon before last arranging a robbery, and it was great fun. Somehow I have managed to get a secret passage into the action. You can blame that on a childhood addiction to Enid Blyton. I have to figure out how to get my characters to Monaco/Monte Carlo, how to get something squishy involving lychees into the plot, how get that scene in the car park to work and how to stage a very grand ball. I suspect the book might end in Las Vegas, which is not the Riviera, but that one is still in the melting pot. 

Of course all this goes on the back burner if I get edits back. I hope I do get edits! 

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