Wednesday 24 November 2021

Props from A Villa in Portofino

No, it's not an invitation to tea. Well actually it might be.

I used the idea of family history when writing A Villa in Portofino and when I was writing it I also made use of some family artifacts which inspired their own small incidents in the story. Circumstances have prevented a location tour for the book, although maybe that will be possible in the future. Instead I thought it would add to the enjoyment for readers to see some of these props that were inspirations, so I have put together a small 'tour'. Today I am unveiling the results, which can be found in the 'Pages' section.  You can see the various tour menus at the top of the blog.  


If you haven't read the book yet some of the pictures might give away parts of the plot - and the whole thing will make more sense after reading rather than before. If and when you have read it, I hope you enjoy seeing some of the items I drew on when writing it.  

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